Hourly Car Service

Between the traditional yellow taxi cab and all of these modern, mobile phone based driving services, it can be a little overwhelming selecting the right car service for you in the Minneapolis area. For those who want a little more professionalism, expertise, and a more complete, comfortable riding experience, we have you covered at MSP.

This is a perfect service for the business executives who have meetings throughout the day, or for anybody who wants to lounge in the backseat as opposed to driving themselves to their destination. This is also a great service if you are going to the doctor’s office for a serious procedure or having surgery, as you don’t need to worry about driving your car home afterwards. Even for those who can’t drive themselves to do medical conditions or other adverse living situations.

Our vehicles are of superb quality, both outside and in. You’ll be comfortable as you experience the luxury of having a personal driver at your disposal. Our drivers will drop you off and wait outside as you complete your business. Then, we’ll bring you back home, or to wherever else you need to go. This is what it feels like when you have somebody working for you.

Consider us your personal valet service that you don’t need to pay for around the clock. Just schedule our drivers when you need them. You get the same personalized experience at a fraction of the cost. You may never consider a taxi or app-based driving service again after one of our rides. Call or E-mail today and find out for yourself. You order the service only as long as you need it. And you won’t pay for anything else.


Other Services

Meetings & Events

At MSP Car Services, we offer planning services for meetings, events, and other opportunities in the Minneapolis. This includes solo or group packages, no matter

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